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Tom was our drummer for 27 years before leaving to join the great Paul Revere and Paul Revere & The Raiders. Now he’s back in the band and we couldn’t be happier.

— The following review is provided by and courtesy of Pat Murphy (Entertainment Writer, Urban Media)

“Powerful and passionate only begin to describe the performance of drummer Tom Scheckel, and even that falls far short because it reached me on such an emotional level.

When he wasn’t making love to the drum set he was beating it into submission with a warm smile that radiated into the audience and lifted the spirits of everyone who had a sight line to the drum riser. In the business of show it’s rare to find someone who exudes such a genuine in-the-moment joy, who’s showy without showing off and who thoroughly enjoys what they do.

I believe the core purpose of live entertainment is to heighten your senses, make you feel more alive, and perhaps even optimistic. Tom Scheckel’s performance made me happy — a happiness that returns whenever I think about the blur of spinning sticks around the drums, and through the blur, that smile.

Worth the price of admission? Every penny.”